Answers to frequently asked question


Q. What sort of vehicle is eligible?

A. Generally vehicles built in or before 1994, although the committee reserves the right to admit younger vehicles    

     which in its view are interesting.


Q. Are old motorcycles eligible?

A. Absolutely.


Q. If I enter my old motorcycle is there an extra charge to have a support vehicle follow me?

A. There is no extra charge for the support vehicle, and the driver's catering is included in the full entry fee of $265.


Q. What will it cost if I ride solo and attend the dinner solo?

A. The cost will be $160.


Q. In addition to my navigator may I bring other passengers?

A. Additional passengers if notified at time of entering are welcome at an additional charge of $105.00 each, and will                  be issued with a souvenir cap and mug.


Q. Can specific dietary needs be accomodated?

A. Yes, please enter your requirements on the entry form.


Q. Can I attend the Tour but not the dinner?

A. Yes, the entry fee will be reduced by $35.00 per person.


Q. We drive an open car; will we have time to freshen up before the dinner?

A. Yes, we have allowed extra time between the finish and dinner for that purpose.


Q. Where should we stay?

A. The Tour and the supporting activities are centred in Gisborne. The post-Tour dinner is held in the Kyneton area.

    There are numerous accommodation options in the locality. Visit the "accommodation" tab on the home page.


Q. My car is not in concours condition, is there any point in entering the display at the Picnic in the Park?

A. The prize is The President's Choice and that is completely subjective and influenced more by cars he would like                    to own and the enthusiasm of the owner.


Q. Can I just enter the Picnic in the Park?

A. Whilst entry to this event is free, only Tour participants may take part.


Q. Will there be any emergency breakdown support vehicles?

A. No, and we recommend all entrants belong to the RACV roadside assistance service.


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